9 Best Artificial Plants for Home Decor in India

Plants and flowers are a beautiful gift by God that we use in our house, office, or garden to enhance the look of our surroundings. One of the most elegant yet soothing options is adding some greenery. But, when it comes to keeping natural plants in the home, some practical challenges come on the way. The plant needs proper watering, sunlight, and air. The leaves decay after a specific time.

Moreover, insects may come as uninvited guests and ruin the appearance of the plants. Due to all these factors, natural plants ask for acute maintenance. However, do not push away your passion for green home decor. Alternative options are there. Here, we have listed some of the natural-looking artificial plants that can surely add colors to your home.

List of the Best Artificial Plants for Living Room in India

Artificial Plant with Plastic Pot 

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An artificial plant for your living room that brightens up your living space with its calming vibe. It has a total of 18 evergreen leaves, and this is a highly lightweight type of fake plant. It is a beautiful arrangement for your office table, drawing room, and an indoor balcony that requires almost negligible maintenance. Such plants need to be dusted from time to time. Otherwise, the layers of dust often conceal the natural beauty of the plants. So, clean it with a dry cloth and apply cold water to keep the serenity intact.


  • Gives realistic look· 
  • Unbreakable plastic pot
  • High-quality product


  • Less number of leaves
  • size is small

Fancy Mart Artificial Bamboo Leaves Plant

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This unique-looking fake plant is a popular choice among buyers. It goes well with contemporary interior designs. Whether it is your coffee table or kitchen countertop, or bedside table, you can place it anywhere. The perfectly printed flowers potted in a wooden/plastic hexagon pot guarantee shine and beauty for a considerable time. Additionally, according to Chinese mythology, it is one of those plants that is believed to attract luck, positivity, wealth, and prosperity in one’s home. 


  • It looks like the natural one. 
  • It is lightweight and easy to clean· 
  • Strong wooden base


  • Can’t hang on the wall

Quick Unbox Artificial Flowers with Plastic pot

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The artificial plant by Quick Unbox is for those people who admire orchids. Whether it is for the workplace or home decoration, this versatile artificial plant can fit anywhere. Being not so large, it decorates your small apartments ideally. With a good stone base, the artificial flowers peeping out amidst the long leaves looks elegant. On the other hand, it is manufactured of high-quality plastic and is crafted to be more realistic than other fake plants.


  • Very stylish and looks natural
  • Ideal for your table, bookshelf, console desk, etc.
  • Doesn’t require any maintenance. Can be used for gifting


  • Small in size

Fourwalls Artificial PVC Plant

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It is one of the prettiest options for decorating the corner of the home. The large leaves add a beautiful classic ambiance to the interior. It looks so natural that it gets hard to differentiate between the artificial and the real one. Also, the realistic feel of the plant enables the customers to create a beautiful rectangular fence around their house. 


  • Feels real when touched. Can be kept in the lobby, staircase, etc. 
  • Lightweight making it easily portable

· Cons

  • Doesn’t come with a pot

DecoreBugs Artificial Hanging Plant with Pot

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This plant is a perfect treat for the bonsai-lovers who cannot manage to maintain the real ones. This artificial hanging plant helps you to retain your passion for bonsai without much effort. It comes with a sleek, beautiful wooden pot. For any establishment, you can keep it, be it an office, restaurant or home, or shop.


  • Shiny and large leaves. It looks real one.
  • It can be easily hung anywhere.


  • Not many leaves present

Fancy Mart Artificial Bamboo with Pot

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Fancy Mart is known to provide good-quality products at medium prices. This artificial bamboo tree brings a soothing serenity to your home. With a height of 12.5 inches, it is a perfect fit for your hall and living room. It is made of fine plastic, and it looks more than natural. The glossy, conical bamboo leaves are enough to add a classic ambiance to the house.


  • It looks quite beautiful and real. 
  • Inclusive of a plastic pot


  • The plant can’t be removed from the pot.

Planters Fake Bamboo Plant

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If you are planning to buy a gift to bring a smile to the face of your loved ones on their special occasions, try this artificial plant. It is a perfect option to decorate the interior of the house. Whether an elegant bungalow or a simple house, this goes well with all kinds of settings. You can keep it on center tables, side corners, and in small indoor gardens. 


  • It looks like the real and fresh one. 
  • You can place anywhere you want. 
  • Unbreakable and good quality pot


  • Little expensive

Small Bonsai Potted Plants for Living Room

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This one’s a bonus for those people who wish to buy a collection of cute small Bonsai. The plants come with four sets of potted plants of different designs and colors. If you want to decorate the interior blissfully, try these beautiful flowery plants. These cute little shrubs are ideal for your office desks and kitchen slabs. It has a pleasant aura to make the dull rooms lively and unique.


  • It’s fully washable and needs very little maintenance. 
  • These are small artificial shrubs, yet look elegant and real. 


  • Small in size

Fourwalls Beautiful Artificial Areca Palm Plant

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Beautifully hand-crafted by professionals, this plant elevates the mood of the room instantly. It is about 75 cm tall. You can easily keep it in a large pot. However, to make it look more natural, you can keep it in a bamboo-structured pot. It has synthetic leaves with a plastic-made stem and includes 21 leaves in total. With this decorative piece, you can make the wedding scenes and house parties more enjoyable. So, if you want an authentic-looking palm tree to decorate your house, you can choose this plant. 


  • High-quality life-like product
  • Extremely tall but lightweight
  • Easily washable


  • Doesn’t come with a pot

Factors to Consider before Buying Artificial Plants

Artificial plants are the best way to give your home a natural, green look without any extra effort or maintenance. But often, homeowners make mistakes while buying these plants in a rush. So, to avoid any further hassle, take time to ponder over specific points.

  1. Make sure they appear life-like– You wouldn’t want your fake plant to receive compliments such as “it’s fake.” So, make sure that you choose a plant whose extravagance is within limits. Over-sized leaves, unrealistic color may allure eyes for a short time, but they bore you over time.
  2. Consider the size- The size of plants depends upon several factors such as where it is to be kept, existing furniture, etc. Usually, tall and gigantic plants are ideal for outside matters. But if you’re looking to decorate your home desk, then small plants will be a perfect choice for you.
  1. Quality matters- When choosing the right artificial plant for yourself, you mustn’t sacrifice the material for less price. It is recommended to go for materials such as nylon, polyester, and plastic specifically used for this purpose. 
  2. Additional features- Look for features such as the number of leaves and UV protection that helps withstand rising temperatures. These features are important as they strengthen the life of your artificial plants.
  3. Keep an eye on details- Intricate details such as small veins, colors, and patterns on the leaves enhance the overall experience of owning a faux plant. Over the years, the designs have changed so much that it’s difficult to differentiate between the original and the fake one. 
  4. Pots– A Majority of artificial plants include a pot, but still, some plants don’t come with a pot. You should check before buying if the pot is included or not.

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