7 Buddha Statue For Home Decor In India

A house full of peace where you can feel relaxed is a universal wish for many of us. Peace of mind is directly linked to the environment we live in. Buddha statues are the icons that will help you to bring peace and positivity to your space.

Gautama Buddha is known as the forerunner of Buddhism and has inspired us for calmness and harmony over the centuries.

But with time, he has gone beyond his limits for his role as the religious icon and become symbolic for inner peace. There is no doubt a buddha statue can be a vital factor in creating positive energy, and the idol is likely used for home decoration too!

 We have mentioned some of the best Buddha statues for your Home Decoration to transform your living space into a source of positive energy.

Best Buddha Statue For Home Decor

Statuestudio Meditating Buddha Head Statue for Home Decor

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  • It comes 9 inches in height and a width of 3 inches.
  • Made Up Of Durable Polyresin material
  • Ideal for your temple, living room, study room, gifting purpose, and outdoor decor
  • This head statue represents Peace, harmony, and positive energy.
  • Its elegant finishing is pleasing to the eye.

Skilled artists handcraft this Lord Buddha head statue with various gathering techniques. This beautiful statue is ideal for keeping in your living room, pooja room, Top of the table, shelf, or desk, which will add Asian flair to your space. 

It comes with a grey texture finish which gives the appearance of stone which undoubtedly looks premium. This Buddha’s head is made up of polyresin, which is known as the best quality resin. There are various benefits of keeping head buddha statues in our home to heal yourself and overcome hate, ignorance, attachment, etc.

This Meditating buddha statue is ideal for everyone who wants peace of mind, free from ignorance, greed, affective states. Not only indoor, but it is suitable for the outdoors too.

Kartique Brass Buddha Statue Blessing with Sacred Kalash

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  • It comes 6.8 inches in height and a width of 2.5 inches 
  • Available in multiple color and size option
  • Ideal for any gifting purpose
  • It is made of great quality brass with beautiful craftsmanship.
  • The Idol Attract Positive Energy, keeps danger away, overcomes fear.

This Beautiful Metal Buddha Statue with sacred Kalash is designed according to the Vastu shastra and feng shui, bringing health, wealth, and prosperity and helps to attract blessing to your life. 

This buddha idol has two meanings, and they both are interrelated to each other:-

Protection– The first one is protected, where the raised hand of the lord buddha acts as a shield to help to keep the negativity and danger away.

Fear– The second one is fear; being protected will help us overcome fear and be at peace with ourselves.

For Home Decoration and office, you will experience a combination of high-quality craftsmanship and beauty. The idol is made up of the best quality metal, which is solid. It will enhance and accentuate your space’s decor value. It is handcrafted with the details that catch the eye, giving you a feeling that will mesmerize you.

 Sacred Blessings Buddha Statue

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  1. It idol is 11 inch in height and 4.7 inches in width 
  2. It comes in different colour and size option
  3. Easy to maintain with Light dusting 
  4. The idol depicts peace, positive vibes, and meditation.
  5. Ideal for gifting on any occasion.
  6. It is excellent for the study room, living room, drawing room, and home temple.

Brighten up your home with this sitting tall buddha statue. Sitting buddha will induce positive energy in your living space. Apart from that, this statue is an excellent symbol of inspiration, beauty, Peace, and Compassion. Enhances decor in your living room, top of the table, drawing room, garden, yoga room, office, etc.

This Peaceful form of lord buddha idol indicates the bhumisparsha mudra, which means seated as the right hand as the pendant over the right knee toward the ground and the palm inwards while touching the lotus left hand seen with the palm upright in lap. It represents the earth for the witness and symbolizes the moment of enlightenment of the Buddha.

It comes with a multicolour and is made up of polyresin material with stylish faux gemstones on it, which increases the decor of your living space and brightens up your home furnishings.

White Buddha Bhumisparsha Mudra

White polymarble Buddha in Bhumisparsha Mudra


  • It comes in 6.6 inches in height and 2.8inches in width.
  • Made of poly marble and beautifully carved.
  • Enhances positive vibes, Healing in hatred and ignorance,
  • It symbolizes infinity, openness, and perceptiveness.

The idol is made with experienced craftsmanship with quality details to ensure an elegant look for your Home, Office, Garden, Living room, etc. 

This Peaceful form of lord buddha indicates the bhumisparsha mudra, which means seated as the right hand and the pendant over the right knee toward the ground and the palm inwards while touches the lotus, and left hand saw with the palm upright in lap,

It represents earth to the witness and symbolizes the moment of buddha’s enlightenment, which enhances the peaceful environment and positive energy and harmony around us.

Global Grabbers Sitting Buddha Idol for Home Decoration

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  • It comes in 9.5 inches in height and 7.2 inches of width.
  • It comes in multiple designs and colour options.
  • It gives a premium look in a black matte finish with floral carving.
  • Ideal for decoration and gifting on special occasions
  • It has Excellent finishing of the idol with sparkling mirrors embedded on it.

Attractive Meditating Buddha statue from global grabbers is an attractive choice for home decor, Ideal for study room, living room, pooja room, and showcase.

Made from high-quality polyresin material with small mirrors attached to it, you will see great details in this figurine. It is handcrafted by experienced artists using different conventional techniques, making it a perfect lord buddha idol for home decoration.

This statue features lord buddha in a seated position with palms together in an oval with the fingertips of both hands meeting at the bottom, Ideal to keep this idol in-room or corner for best benefits,

You can quickly shift the idol as it is very light in weight and easily cleanable with a soft cloth.

SpaceinCart Handcrafted Meditation Buddha Statue

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  • It comes in 5.5 inches in height and 2.8inches in width.
  • It is water-resistant, and you can keep it in the aquarium.
  • Made up of poly marble material comes with a glossy finish.
  • Beautifully Handcrafted
  • Ideal for study room and living room decor

This white handcrafted meditating buddha statue is made of polymarble, enhancing your home’s decor and furnishing to the next level. 

The statue in meditating pose brings home the senses of peace and comfort, which excites every one of us. This Big Size buddha statue comes in a dhyana mudra position, which helps concentration, balances health, quiets the mind, assists healing and self-awareness. This figurine is made up of polyresin material with a glossy finish on it, which makes this ideal perfect for home and office decor, 

You can also consider gifting this statue to your loved ones. Since this mudra of lord buddha is connected to meditation and contemplation, it would be supportive to bring peace to your home.


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  • It comes in 8 inches in height and width of 2 inches.
  • Made with high-quality polyresin 
  • Perfect for gifting on any occasion
  • It has excellent craftsmanship by skilled artists.
  • It has a Luxurious and elegant look Ideal for drawing room, bedroom, and living room decoration
  • It comes in multiple design and colour options

Eye-catching lord buddha idol comes with a beautiful glass tray with two lotus flowers and an attractive combination of golden and black color.

Ideal for elegant figurine in the living room, bedroom, office, drawing-room. You can add an element of positive energy and peacefulness to your home.

Every time you see this statue reminds you of the goal of lord buddha, which is peace and harmony around us.

It is made of polyresin with a colored antique tray handcrafted with outstanding quality. This altar should be placed in the east for the best benefits, and putting this statue facing the front door will not only increase the decor, but this Divine meditating idol also repels negative forces and attracts positive energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I keep the buddha statue in the home?

According to Vastu, you should always place a buddha statue in the east direction of your home. You can keep it in the northeast direction too, which will stimulate energy and helps bring peace, joy, and harmony to every corner of the entire house.

Dont’s – You should never place buddha statue on the floor, always keep it above your eyes level.

Never keep near refrigerators or big appliances as large objects tend to block the positive vibes. Never keep in the laundry or storeroom. keep the statue always clean and Make the statue face inside the room,

Which form of Buddha Idol one should keep at home?

There are many other bodhisattvas and forms of a buddha. The idols have been illustrated in over 100 different poses, which are combinations of asanas and mudras. Not just this, different types of mudras also have different meanings.

For homeowners, meditating buddha is the best choice, as it represents the positive vibes around us. This statue is in a sitting position in which the palms are simultaneously oval-shaped and the fingers of both hands are facing down. It represents enlightenment and positivity around your space.

Which Buddha is considered good for wealth?

Laughing Buddha is considered in feng shui for good health, wealth, good luck, success, and happiness. Laughing buddha brings abundance, contentment, and wealth in one’s life.

For most people, it is the easiest to recognize. According to Vastu and Feng Shui, keeping the Laughing Buddha figurine in the southeast corner (the southeast corner is associated with wealth) will help bring a rise in one’s life. 

It is advised that rubbing the belly of Laughing Buddha improves one’s wealth and fortune.

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