9 Best Carpets for Living Room in India

Carpets are the basic thing to decorate your house. It enhances your room’s beauty by acting as the room’s centerpiece and making all the elements look in a unified form. Whether it’s a traditional look carpet or a modern and bold look carpet, there are lots of things that you can consider before buying a carpet for a high-traffic family room, bedroom, or any other room.

There are various factors such as color, budget, construction type, design, etc., which are important to consider before buying the best carpet for your living room. If you are fed up with finding the most suitable rug for yourself, then need not worry! In this article, We have listed the best carpets in India so that you can choose your carpet wisely.

List of the Best Carpets For Living Room

Sifa Carpet Floral DesignAcrylic Woolcheck price
Status Contract 3D Persian CarpetPolyester check price
Sifa Acrylic Touch Carpet for Living RoomAcrylic woolcheck price
DAILZ Ethnic Velvet Touch CarpetPolyester Blendcheck price
Rufruf Shaggy Carpet for Bedroommicrofibercheck price
Carpet Collection Shaggy Carpetsilk fibercheck price
Sifa Carpet Floral Carpetpolyster Blendcheck price
TAHNOOR Hand Woven Shaggy CarpetAcrylic woolcheck price
Sashaa World Handwoven Jute CarpetJutecheck price

Best Carpets for Living Room in India

Sifa Carpet Floral Design

sifa floral design carpet

The best thing about this carpet is that it is made from polyester wool. The Sifa Carpet gives your flooring an acrylic sheen while giving your feet an exceptionally plush feeling beneath them.

You can disperse it in any part of your house, including the living room, study room, guest room, and office. The design is fashionable, current, and up-to-date. The rectangle carpet is crafted from polyester and features an anti-skid layer, forestalling any unintended sliding across the floor.

The dimensions of the carpet are 2.05L x 1.5W Meters, making it ideal for any setting of your house. You can also easily wash this carpet with cold detergent water. The rug is durable, and the polyester wool ensures the colour won’t fade.

Key Features:

  • Versatile and can be used in any room
  • The anti-skid layer prevents accidental slipping


  • Excellent quality comes with an affordable price
  • Perfect thickness to hold slightly heavy-weight items.
  • Very easy to clean


● It can be softer.

Status Contract 3D Persian Carpet

Printed Vintage Persian Carpet

It has an anti-skid back rubber layer, making it safe to use at home and preventing accidental slipping. It is perfect for your house’s bedroom, living room, and other places. The Status Contact subverted the norms around what is anticipated from an area rug. It is made to bridge the gap between exceptional design and reasonable pricing.

This carpet features a vibrant antique pattern that adds character to your living room. It’s crafted from long-lasting 100% polyester yarn, keeping your toes toasty. Because of its massive proportions, you may effortlessly integrate it into almost any existing design scheme.

It is appropriate for residential, office, industrial, and commercial applications. The carpet is best for you if you have a pet at home as it is a pet-friendly carpet.

Notable Features:

  • Available in medium pile height and multiple size options 
  • Anti Slip with a rubber coating in the back. 
  • Made up of polyester blend with medium thickness
  • Lightweight


  • Good one for room decoration
  • Relatively easy to clean and wash
  • Easy to fold and maintain
  • Bright colours that will look good in any room


  • people complained about discrepancies in the shade
  • colours and threads can shred out after using few months

Sifa Acrylic Touch Carpet for Living Room & Drawing Room

soft acrylic touch carpet for living room

Sifa is an Indian brand that manufactures high-quality carpets in different patterns and styles. This carpet is made with acrylic wool, giving you a soft feel and can give extra pleasure to your bedroom and living room. You can place this carpet anywhere in your house to give it an attractive look. One can easily clean this carpet with cold detergent water. The rug is lightweight and easy to fold and carry.

Key Features:

  • The size of the carpet is 5 x 7 and available in various other options.
  • Hand-loomed constructs it with a high pile.
  • It is made of Acrylic Wool.
  • You can Wash with Cold Detergent Water and should be protected from fire.


  • The carpet is anti-skid.
  • It is Soft and Easy to carry
  • It has no chemical Backing.
  • Best product at the given price
  • The carpet has a superb design with a good color combination.
  • It has great quality.


● It can’t be washed in the machine.

DAILZ Ethnic Velvet Touch Carpet for Living Room

Ethnic Velvet Touch carpet

Are you looking for an amazing carpet to enhance the beauty of your house? If yes, the Home Elite carpet is a perfect choice. They have provided customers with the products they need at prices similar to what is on the market, thanks to the support of advanced and advanced technology.

The abstract design of this carpet will make any corner of your house impeccable. Chenille fabric is used to make this piece, which lends a sense of luxury to the space thanks to its combination of geometric designs and vivid hues.

This carpet has a surface that is so plush and silky that it feels fantastic on your feet as you walk on it. It is one of the most beautiful carpet for living room, bedroom, or entrance. The carpet is lightweight, so you can easily fold and use it in other rooms. You do not have to worry about cleaning this carpet as it is easy to wash and maintain, making it durable.

Key Features:

  • Size is 5 x 7 feet and comes with various patterns
  • It doesn’t require any maintenance
  • Easy Machine washable


  • Its thickness is less, so it can be rolled easily.
  • Cost-effective


  • Its thickness is less, so it can be rolled easily.
  • Cost-effective

Rufruf Shaggy Carpet for Bedroom and Living Room

shaggy carpet for bedroom

If you are looking for stylish and luxury carpets for your living rooms, then this carpet is the best choice available for you. This shaggy carpet is made of microfiber material with handmade new technology, which makes the carpet soft and dense. You will enjoy and feel how soft it is when you sit on it. It has a super smooth surface, with the best material being a non-slip cotton backing.

Key Features:

  • The carpet’s size is 3 x 5 feet and also available in various options
  • The carpet is made of microfibre material with non-slip cotton lining.
  • Clean the carpet with either hand wash or wipe clean with a wet cloth and you can shake it off for removing dust


  • The carpet is elegant in texture and soft to the touch.
  • Easy to carry and clean
  • The rug is thick and valuable for money.
  • The manufacturers have excellent customer service.
  • It doesn’t shrink after wash.


  • The color might look quite dull compared to the picture.
  • Can’t use vacuum cleaner and washing machine to clean

Carpet Collection Velvet Touch Shaggy Carpet

shaggy modern rug

This beautiful plush area carpet is a perfect fit for you if you don’t need a rug for a little room. This adequately fills the space between your couch and desk. It is ideal for keeping your feet warm, and you will love the cozy softness of the carpet. The shag is thick and doesn’t slip from its place. It has small bumps on the back to help it from sliding. Because of its backing, children can play on this carpet. If you need a rug and want something inexpensive, this rug is the right choice that gives a pop of color to your room.

Key Features:

  • The carpet’s size is 3×5 feet and is available in various options.
  • The rug is made of Micro silk fiber.
  • You can use a vacuum with low power to remove dust or shake it off. Machine washing is another great option available, but for drying, let it be in the air.
  • It Weighs 6kg


  • The carpet is easy to install, use, and clean.
  • It is so thick and heavy, and it can stay in place with ease.
  • It doesn’t have a stinking smell.


  • The cost is high for the small size.
  • There might be a difference in material and color.

Sifa Floral Carpet

floral polyster carpet

If you are looking for a budget-friendly carpet for your living room, then you can choose this one without giving it a second thought. This carpet has a beautiful texture that will give a pleasant look to your room. It is soothing and turns an ordinary floor into a luxurious look. The carpet is very easy to fold and you can take it anywhere.  It comes in red and floral patterns and is suitable to use widely in the living room. This beautifully designed carpet comes with an anti-slip feature in the backing to give proper strength and prevent the carpet from getting a slip.

Key Features:

  • The carpet’s size is 6 x 8 feet with 0.5-inch thickness and available in various options.
  • The rug is made of Polyester with a floral pattern.
  • You can clean the carpet with Cold Water
  • It comes in a high pile.


  • The carpet is easy to fold and easy to carry
  • The rug is No Pulling and has no chemical Reinforcement.
  • The rug is Super Soft With an Anti-Skid Carpet.


Can’t wash in the washing machine

TAHNOOR Hand Woven Shaggy Carpet

Hand Woven Shaggy Carpet

This is a cost-friendly option if you seek luxury carpets for living room. This carpet’s construction is impressive, making your living room attractive and enhancing beauty. The best part about this carpet is that it comes in many colours and sizes. So, you have a vast range of palettes to choose from.

It is built from high-quality microfiber and cotton yarn, which gives it a super soft feel. With a 2-inch pile height, the carpet is anti-skid, ensuring it stays in place and makes it safer for use. As the carpet has a dense pile, you can easily vacuum the carpet. The carpet is an excellent deal in this range and will add a sense of luxury to your home decor.

Key Features:

  • It is available in multiple options
  • Superior craftsmanship.
  • You can fit this with your existing home decor


  • Stain resistant
  • Value for money


  • Threads may start coming out after some time.
  • It requires little maintenance.

Sashaa World Handwoven Jute Carpet

Handwoven Jute Rugs for Living Room

There is no need to search further if you seek an aesthetic steeped in Indian crafts, but still have a global style and a contemporary flair. Talented artisans in India handwoven this jute carpet who are experts in their profession. They are all-female staff who team up with locals in India to give their fabric a fashionable style. 

This Mandala Jute Rug is not only made of jute, a natural fibre that is flexible, resilient, and strong but it is also weaved to survive frequent wear and tear, ensuring that it will become a long-standing fixture in your design.

The best part about this handmade carpet is that it goes well with all kinds of home decor. You can easily clean the carpet by vacuuming, gently removing stains, and dabbing them with a white cloth.

Key Features:

  • Available at 110 cm size with an elegant pattern
  • Made up of 100% Jute
  • Lightweight rug


  • Its design looks attractive
  • Versatile and can be adjusted with existing decor
  • Durable and sturdy.


  • Not stain resistant
  • Need maintenance
  • Not a wider variety of design choices is available

Tips to consider before buying carpets

As you know, a carpet can instantly transform your home into a beautiful look and create a cozy environment. But sometimes, choosing the best carpet for your living room can be a tiring and confusing process because you have many options in the market.

But don’t worry! We have listed some tips to choose the best carpet for you and your house to help you.

  • The first and foremost thing which you can consider is the style of your living. If you have pets or children, then buy a carpet of dark color so that stains are not visible and easy to clean regularly, and should be soft. But if you are a couple looking for a touch of luxury, then go for a subtle color complementing your furniture style.
  • The other thing which you should need to understand is how the carpet colors work. A great choice is that if you choose a carpet that blends to colors luxuriously and subtly.
  • Opt for that carpet that is two shades darker because, over time, carpets start to fade over.
  • Opt for a carpet that is 100% constructed with Wool, and synthetic fibers. Because these materials are soft to the touch and don’t fade quickly plus they are easy to clean.
  • If you and your family love to sit on a carpet, make sure you go for that heavyweight carpet and do not slip off easily.
  • If you are going with the online options, make sure you check the ratings and reviews of that carpet to get an idea of the carpet after its installation.

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