9 Best Flower Vase For Living Room Decor in India

Flower vases are considered one of the best room decorations for users who want a unique and stylish table design in their modern home. You may have seen flower vases in offices, restaurants, and cafes because they light up the area and give you a nice accent to your interior. 

However, choosing a flower vase is not that easy because vases have many shapes, sizes, and designs that you need to consider to find the right solution for your home. In this article, we’ve put together a guide of the Best Flower Vases For Living Room Decor where you can find the perfect color of vase to match your interior design and make your mornings better than ever. 

List of The Best Flower Vase For Living room in India

Flower VasesSizeCheck Price
Alnico Decor Metal Flower Vase26 inchBuy on amazon
Aadit Crreation Metal Flower Vase 8.6 inchBuy on amazon
Pure Source India Ceramic Flower Vase9 inchBuy on amazon
Craft Machine Villa Bamboo Flower Vase24 inchBuy on amazon
CURIO CRAFTS Mosaic Glass Flower Vase12 inchBuy on amazon
Skywalk Hand Crafted Metal Brass Flower Vase10 inchBuy on amazon
Aapno Craft Meenakari Handpainted Flower Vase12 inchBuy on amazon
MORii – Set of 5 Metal and Glass Test Tube Planter6 inchBuy on amazon
LABZIO Glass Flower Vase10.5 inchBuy on amazon

Top 9 Flower Vase For Living Room Decor in India Review 

1. Alnico Decor Metal Flower Vase 

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It is a large flower vase that is ideal for storing in the living room, office corridor, hotel, or restaurant. It is made of a metal body with a glossy black design that can look great in any corner of the room. If you want to buy a simple vase with a modern and minimalist design, this product is for you because it has a long frame that is wide from the middle and small from the top and bottom. 

Moreover, this vase is unbreakable, and with its enormous capacity, you can hold many flowers in its body at once. The only problem with this vase is that you cannot easily move it around the house as it is quite heavy and requires a lot of energy to move from one place to another. So it is good for consumers who want to keep it in the corner of the room.

2. Aadit Creation Metal Flower Vase for Home Decor 

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The AADIT metal flower vase has an elegant design that looks great on a shelf, table, besides a window, or as a central piece in the middle of a room. It allows you to make bouquets and place them comfortably in your room for a soft and cozy feeling of fragrant flowers in your room. It can be a great gift for all your relatives as it is medium in size and you can easily carry it on a function to give to someone. 

The Flower vase can also be decorated with stones and marbles to make them look better in weddings to enhance your environment with artificial or real flowers. However, because these flowers vase is made of iron, you need to take good care of them so that rust does not get on the container. Overall, it is the best product for anyone looking for a midrange & stylish vase to keep on your table.

3. Pure Source India Ceramic Flower Vase 

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If you like crystal flower vases, then this Ceramic Flower Vase is a great alternative to beautify your room with its color and texture. The vase is made of three different colors that look amazing together on the outside and can be placed in a meeting room, wedding hall, reception desk, or at your home to make the surroundings look elegant. 

Unlike other brands, this vase is made of strong material that will survive for a long time even if you accidentally drop it on the floor. It’s not very big, and you can easily put it in your room without worrying about its weight because the vase has a light body that you can place on any surface. The vase is perfect for making bouquets and flower bunches to look great against any background.

4. Craft Machine Villa Hand Carved Decorative Bamboo Flower Vase

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With this beautiful and big size flower vase, you can turn your room into a positive place where people will love to spend their time. It comes with a bamboo stand that is pre-assembled to give you a vase-like no other brand, and the height of this product is 24 inches. You can use the vase in your living room, office, balcony, or hall without taking a lot of space in that area. 

Also, it can be combined with artificial flowers so that your room looks more elegant and unique in terms of decoration. Craft Decorative Bamboo Flower Vase also has a golden dot that will catch your eyes even from the corner of your room for a moment so people can appreciate it as soon as they walk into your house.

5. CURIO CRAFTS Mosaic Glass Flower Vase 

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You may have seen this unique vase at hotels and parties because it fits in a luxurious place like in a large, well-decorated home. Everyone will see this vase because it has a unique pattern that looks great with simple colored walls to light up your room with hundreds of mirrors on the surface. 

The CURIO CRAFTS Flower vase is not suitable for corner tables as they serve as a central element to make the atmosphere of your room look classic and free without taking up too much space in your living room. Remember, this stylish vase requires a lot of maintenance, so you have to clean it thoroughly every few days to keep it sparkling as a decorative piece.

6. Skywalk Hand Crafted Metal Brass Flower Vase with Beads for Home Decoration

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It is made from brass and mixed metal, so you never have to panic about accidentally damaging it by falling. You can use this vase as a decoration for the center table of your living room, bedroom, or in your dining room as it can look great against any design in your home. There are countless fake Dimond’s that lit up the room with a single beam of light on its surface.

The vase is ten inches tall and doesn’t have a heavy design, so you can easily move it wherever you want. The neck of this vase is narrower than the body, making it difficult to clean compared to another large flower vase on the list. You can also give this vase as a present on any occasion as it looks good and expensive.

7. Aapno Craft Meenakari Handpainted Decorative Marble Flower Vase

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If you like antique looking and a big size flower vase, Aapno Craft is for your taste. It has a textured design that looks great with dark color walls in small parts of your room. The large flower vase comes in nine different designs that you can review to find the best fit for your home or to share with friends and family. 

You can easily keep flowers and bouquets in your vase, and you don’t even have to change the water regularly as it can hold a lot of water at once. This makes it ideal for people who do not wish to maintain a vase every couple of days. After all, the vase can be gifted at weddings, birthdays, holidays to a member of your family, or a collogue at work to help them make their home look elegant from the inside.

8. MORii – Set of 5 Metal and Glass Test Tube Planter 

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This flower vase is a glorious piece of artwork for people who want an innovative product for their home to look modern and ahead of their time. It comes with five containers that you can arrange on a tabletop, bookshelf, or on windows to decorate your space like no other room in your society. You can immediately set it up after the delivery with flowers or water plants without needing any tools. 

The vase has a metal frame around its body to save the tubes from getting damaged from any accidental falls. Its light design makes the vase perfect to change its place from time to time, never to get bored of your room. The only drawback of using the Glass Test Tube Planter is that you don’t get a lot of space, unlike another large flower vase available on the list to make bouquets and flower bunches. 

9. LABZIO Glass Flower Vase 

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It is made entirely of a glass material that will look beautiful and elegant in any room at your house, wherever you want to put it. You get three different cups of different heights to decorate your room in your way. The strength of the Glass is better than ordinary Glass because the Glass is made by hand, not factory-made.

The vase can be used as a container for flowers, candles, or simple decorations with LED lights to brighten up your room. This vase is the perfect gift for your wedding day, to turn it into a romantic floral evening and to decorate your dining table. You can also grow aquatic plants in this vase to fill your room with oxygen and improve your health at the same time.


  • Multipurpose use
  • Thick cylinder glass
  • Value for money
  • Made in India
  • Transparent color
  • Great built quality


Didn’t find any cons till now.

Buying Guide 

Buying a perfect vase for your home is not that complicated, and all you need to do is follow the points below to make a great choice according to your tastes and preferences.

– Size & Shape 

It would be best if you never forgot to consider the size and shape of a flower vase before buying to make it fit your home. If the vase is large, it can not fit your desk or shelf, but if it’s too small, you will have a hard time cleaning and replacing the flowers. So it is recommended to choose a big size flower vase to include in your room. 

– Material 

Large flower vases are usually made of glass, metal, or wood, which you will need to choose depending on your decoration needs. Glass is often seen in vases because it looks good, and you can easily tell if you need to change the water in your vase. But vases made from Glass are fragile and break easily. Metal and wood are other materials that don’t break easily, but they don’t look quite as good as glass vases, making them ideal for everyone.

– Location 

Each vase has a different design, which you should check before storing it in different places of your home. So, by choosing a vase that fits your space, you can better organize the room while still maintaining a great appearance in the house. It is recommended that you use a long-stemmed flower vase rather than short and medium vases to match your blossoms perfectly. Plus, if the vase is meant to be a wedding gift or for a special occasion, it is ideal to choose a large container with a cylindrical angle and white color to suit any arrangement. 

– Cost 

Nearly all flower vases are cheap until you decide to buy a fancy vase from a big brand that can cost a lot of money which is not good for everyone. Try to pay for a vase that does not need a lot of money, just enough to decoration your home. However, if your budget allows you to choose an expensive vase, all your money can be spent choosing items that stand out in the market and have unique features that look classic and expensive. 

– Maintenance 

Cleaning the vase after two days is important to keep the flowers healthy and minimize the risk of bacteria and mold buildup at its bottom. Once a week, you should also rinse the vase with soapy water and let it sit for ten minutes to maintain it properly. That’s why choosing a vase that has a big mouth can help you easily clean it thoroughly from the inside and outside. 

– Style 

Lastly, it would be best to choose the right vase style that fits where you want it in your house. Most of the big-size flower vases come in categories such as Luxury, Basic or Modern, which you need to specify so that your vase can match the room’s decor. If you are not knowledgeable in home decoration, you can choose a plain vase with a glass material that can look great in any room style. 

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