7 Best Laptop Stand in India

We are well aware that working with a laptop on your lap or while on the bed for a large proportion of time is harmful for your health. However, these issues are inevitable as your work is one of the most vital parts of your life. Although the latest technology presented us with lightweight laptops with cooling feature, still it isn’t very pleasant to work with them sitting in an improper posture. Working in a wrong way is a bucket full of health issues like back pain, neck stiffness, shoulder pain, which if practiced regularly, it turns out to be a threat to your body.

So, you may be searching for a way to combat this situation?

Here, an efficient and durable laptop stand dives in as your rescue. Laptop stands can significantly help you maintain your posture comfortably, which, in return, enables you to generate a healthy working environment.

 In this article, We have compiled a complete list of the best laptop stand and an efficient buying guide that will assist you to consider the budget-friendly laptop table.

7 Best laptop Stand to Buy Online

ProductMaterialBest Price
Portronics POR-704 My Buddy Plus Adjustable Laptop Cooling StandMDF Solid WoodCheck Price
MemeHo Smart Multi-Purpose Laptop Table with Dock StandEngineered Wood and Metal TubesCheck Price
ELYRIA Laptop Stand Adjustable Computer Stand AluminiumCheck Price
ARREDO Multipurpose Portable Laptop TableMDFCheck Price
Story@Home foldable portable adjustable multifunctionEngineered WoodCheck Price
Benison India™ Laptop Stand,【2020 Newest】 Laptop Holder RiserABSCheck Price
Qualitative Laptop Table Foldable Portable Adjustable Multifunction Study Lapdesk TableMDF Wood and Aluminium alloy tubeCheck Price

Portronics POR-704 My Buddy Plus Adjustable Laptop Cooling Stand

If you are wondering about getting your hands on the best multi-utility cooling laptop stand, then Portronic MyBuddy can be your soulmate. This laptop stand brings you everything you desire while accessing your laptop. The laptop table comes in a unique style and design, with an efficient anti-slip feature. It is easy to carry as it avails with the folding facility. This stand can be the ultimate well wishes for your laptop, with a cooling pad that prevents your laptop from being heated up. It offers a compact size which is suitable for Laptops of nearby every model. It is easy to clean and wipe, offering a smooth top anti-dust surface.

Portronics adjustable laptop stand

Notable Features

  • This stand offers a highly portable body, which is easy to carry with its folding facility.
  • It comes in a modern style and design, with the base material as wood, making it strong and durable.
  • This laptop stand offers vertical leg Extension and Top Angular Adjustments. It features Soft Notches provided on one side of the top to prohibit items from skating down when tilted.
  • The stand offers a sturdy and durable body, which allows it to carry almost every laptop model may it be heavier or lighter.
  • The stand offers a Cooling and Noiseless Fan with a speed of 1800 RPM, which allows the efficient functioning of your laptop without getting heated.


  • lightweight as it weighs only 1.2 kilograms, allowing it to be highly portable.
  • It offers a unique look, made with the goodness of wood, thus making it strong.
  • It offers a cooling fan, which you can connect to your laptop using USB 2.0 given.


  • Being a large laptop stand, smaller laptops may not find the perfect fit in it.
  • The hinge and the fitting quality are not so right, so somethings appear to be shaky.

MemeHo Smart Multi-Purpose Laptop Table with Dock Stand

MemeHo presents a box full of unique and attractive designer equipment. Memo Smart Multi-Purpose Laptop Table is one such innovative product produced by this company.

The laptop stand offers an anti-slip leg that prevents the slipping of the laptops while using them. It comes with a unique yet simple design to add a pinch of style to your life. It comes in an efficient size of about 60cm x 40cm x 27cm, which allows it to hold even laptops of 17 inches. It offers a high-density board with steel piping and five color options – pink, Apple green, sky blue, black, wood color.

Memeho multi-purpose laptop table

 Notable Features

  • This laptop table presents a box of features that allows us to use it for multiple purposes, such as a laptop table, a TV Dinner Tray, a Standing Table for the office, a serving table, and many more. 
  • It is perfectly designed with top-notch quality Engineered Wood with a coating of powdered metal tubes, making it sturdy. 
  • It is suitable for kids to adults. It can be utilised for performing a bunch of tasks like reading books, painting, serving breakfast, working on laptops indoor and outdoor. 
  • The laptop stand comes in a woody ergonomic design with round edges. It presents non-slippery legs, which allow convenient placement on any surface. It also offers a foldable design.


  • It offers a convenient, foldable, and portable design.
  • Come with an anti-slip feature, which makes it slip-resistant.


  • The laptop stand is much heavier and weighs up to 3 kilograms.
  • It comes with a practice hinge, which may develop cracks with time.

ELYRIA Laptop Stand Adjustable Computer Stand 

The EAYIRA Laptop Stand Adjustable Computer Stand package includes an aluminum alloy-based adjustable stand, a portable bag for convenience, and a user manual. The laptop offers a durable and sturdy aluminum finish with a perfect modern design to carry bulky laptops. The laptop comes with a 5-year guaranty, which makes the customer bend towards choosing it.

ELYRIA Laptop Stand

Notable Features

  • This laptop stands to present up to 7 adjustable heights(2.68-5.83″ that allows us to stand in according to our requirements at a specific angle and height. On the other hand, it offers an ergonomic design that will enable you to fix your posture and cast a spell of relief on your back, neck, shoulder pains.
  • This laptop stand offers an Aluminum Portable body, which makes the perfect fit for almost every 10-15.6 inches laptop, including MacBook, HP, Dell, Google Pixelbook, Lenovo, and many more. You can also fit tablets, kindle, various books ranging from 6 to 12 inches.
  • This laptop stand offers a unique portable foldable design and is manufactured with lightweight aluminum alloy metal benefits, making it extremely lightweight. Of allows foldability into a size of 10 x 1.7 inches. With a weight of approx 0.3 pkg, the company provides a portable bag to carry to your workplace.
  • Manufactured from a sturdy alloy aluminum material, it offers a durable and sturdy mechanism to quickly absorb the laptops’ heat. Without any compromised quality, the manufacturer has provided the Double “M” design, which can bear up to 40kg of weight. 


  • The laptop stand offers a portable design, which allows the users to fold the stand to carry it conveniently.
  • Allows adjusting height and angle following the needs.
  • Presents a perfect Ergonomic design.
  • Offers a heat dissipation mechanism.


  • The laptop stand can’t fit a large-sized laptop like more than 16 inches of laptop.
  • Due to the aluminum material, it is a bit flimsy and can handle a weight of up to 40 kilograms.

ARREDO Multipurpose Portable Laptop Table

Arredo offers this cute looking laptop table that can be the ultimate companion for your laptop. It is a multipurpose table, which can be utilized as a serving table, lap desk for office work, mobile or tablet holder, standing table, and many more. It helps you to retain your right posture to prevent muscle strains. It offers a high quality sturdy wooden top that is easy to wipe or clean.

Arredo portable laptop table

Notable Features

  • This laptop table offers a high-quality, elegant design with a sturdy MDF tabletop with a perfect modern finish and virgin PVC edges. It also comes with a powder coating on the steel frames.
  • The laptop stand comes with an integrated handle to provide convenient portability.
  • It offers U-shaped foldable legs to protect EPE tubes and comes with a waterproof MDF technology that helps you clean it conveniently.
  • The stand avails sturdy card slots to place tablets or mobile phones efficiently.


  • A cute looking design with a pinch of durability to it.
  • Edges are rounded and covered with U-Shaped Rubber material.
  • It offers a lightweight body, which makes it perfect on portability fronts. 


  • It is not solely manufactured from wood, as it offers a wood cum plastic top made from MDF material.
  • The legs of the stand appear to be cheaply made from plastic.

Story@Home foldable portable adjustable multifunction

Story@Home presents this fascinating laptop stand, which is ideal for multitasks. It provides you the perfect match for surfing the net, reading, painting work, access your laptop with the table on your lap. It offers a 100% Engineered wood design, with triple layers. It highlights an ergonomic design that assists you in fixing your posture. It avails easy cleaning or wiping facility with anti skit mechanism.

Story@home foldable laptop table

Notable Features

  • This stand offers a top-notch unique design that attracts many customers. It comes with a smooth bamboo surface, made from 100% wood.
  • It comes in a standard size that can hold nearly every model of laptop. It has a dimension of 60 CM X 40 CM X 5 CM.
  • This unique designed laptop stand allows the customers to fold the legs to avail convenient probability. Therefore, you can fold the legs and carry the table to any place.
  • The stand avails upgraded card slots for tablets and mobiles. This laptop stand is specifically designed for laptops, books, mobile, or tablets to make the users comfortable.


  • This stand offers a sturdy and durable body that can carry heavy loads.
  • Unique woody design with card slots.
  • Offers a wide range of colors.


  • The legs of the table are not so durable and prone to breakage.
  • The hinges of the table appear to be of cheap quality.

Benison India™ Laptop Stand,【2020 Newest】 Laptop Holder Riser 

Benson India brings this beauty, which helps the customers escape the bad posture while using their laptops. The laptop stand can hold laptops of 10 to 17 inches. It comes with a cooling facility to assist your laptop in proper functioning. It is easy to clean and maintain.

Benison laptop stand

Notable Features

  • This Laptop stand is manufactured from ABS material combined with a triangular structure to enhance its stability. It comes with an anti-skid silicone gel on top that prevents the skidding of makes the computer.
  • The Laptop stand offers a new feature of multi-angle adjustment, which can be used to adjust heights from the seven height options according to your needs.
  • It comes with a foldable adjustable laptop stand weighing just 0.37 BL, making it convenient o carry. 
  • The Laptop desk stand offers the modern non-structural shielding design with a hollowed-out heat dissipation option at the bottom. This prevents your laptop from excess heating up to ensure smooth functioning.


  • It presents an anti-skid feature, which safeguards your laptops.
  • Lightweight, thus, assists the users in terms of portability.


It appears flimsy and not much sturdy.

Qualitative Laptop Table Foldable Portable Adjustable Multifunction Study Lapdesk Table

Qualitative presents you with the best laptop stand, which assists you to perform multiple tasks suitably. The laptop stands offer a simple yet modern design, with a classic look. It highlights a cup holder to keep your favorite drinks near you. It offers high-quality MDF wood on the top with aluminum alloy material to reflects its durability.

Qualitative laptop table

Notable Features 

  • This laptop stand offers a standard size to fit almost every model of laptop. It comes in dimensions of 60 CM X 40 CM X 5 CM.
  • This laptop stand offers an Inbuilt Mobile Stand for your mobile devices and assists users in multitasking.
  • This laptop stand offers anti-dust features, which allows you to clean it without damaging the top
  • It brings a lovely look and design. It offers a foldable design, which allows high portability. Therefore you can fold it and carry it to your workstation.


  • This laptop stand presents a unique design with mobile slots and drinks slot.
  • It offers a card slot and a tablet slot, which can be otherwise used to keep books.


  • It comes with a wood cum plastic top and is made of MDF wood, which comprises its durability.
  • It may be unstable in some areas like the bed and sofa.

Points To Consider before grabbing the best laptop table

Ergonomic Design – You may be wondering to find the best mechanism to provide relief to your muscle pain. Therefore, you must look for a laptop stand that makes a perfect angle to rehab your pains.

Size and Design – When you search for the perfect laptop table, you must look for a unique and modern design that makes it sturdy and durable. You must also look after the material of the table to ensure the strength of the table.

Portability and Weight – The ideal choice of laptop stands must include the factors of portability. The stands must be lightweight and must possess foldable functionality, which assists you in carrying them everywhere you need.

Air ventilation and heat dissipation – You must look for the proper air ventilation and heat dissipation features to ensure the laptop’s cooling while working on it.

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