10 Best Plant Stands in India (For Balcony and Indoor)

Are you looking for elegantly designed plant stands for indoor and outdoor areas that you can use to keep multiple plants and anywhere in your home? The following list will guide you to choose the appropriate plant stand.

Many people like to keep different types of flowers and plants to decorate their homes. But just keeping the plant does not reflect the entire beauty. Plant pots and stands are decorative items that push the charm of your balcony, living room, and your garden to a new level. You can give a great touch by arranging your plants on these super trendy and classy looking wooden or metal plant stands. It will help keep the plants organized and reflect the unique look of your home that soaks the eyes. 

Here, we have brought the list of the best plant stands found in Indian markets to satisfy anyone in terms of beauty, design, and durability. Also, we have mentioned factors and the FAQ section that will help you in your decision-making process. 

10 Best Plant Stands For Balcony in India

Crafts Vintage Wooden Multipurpose Plant Stand

SZ Craft wooden plant stands

Greenery is never unaccompanied by brown color, and this piece of beauty ensures that your indoor garden looks the most natural. This three-deck wooden folding indoor stand not only adds to the great vibe of your room/balconies/terrace, but it is also very compatible and perfectly sized keeping in mind its purpose. The color of the stand will give a great touch to the plants as well as the surrounding. It is the perfect piece of décor for organizing your most loved plants and flowers.

Notable Features

  • Material: It is made of solid wood which has a wooden finish and offers great durability.
  • Weight capacity: It can hold easily up to 20kg, ideal for small and medium-sized plants
  • Easy to assemble: The wooden rack is very easy to assemble.
  • Size: 27 x 9 12 inch


  • Size & Fit are proper.
  • Foldable
  • Multipurpose Use


  • Cannot hold more than three plant pots at a time.

Orchid Engineers Iron Indoor Plant Stand

orchid enginners flower plant stand

With the aid of this stylish metallic four-tier plant stand, Orchid Engineers bring a touch of nature into your living space. To make watering simpler and prevent damage to floors yet raising your plants in indoor and outdoor spaces, this plant stand makes you do it all in style. It can be your go-to plant stands to highlight your flowers and plants and add a charming accent.

The classic metal plant stands offer a beautiful way to view in the style of your favorite potted plants. To obtain more sunlight for growth, it raises your plants to a suitable height. Highly durable structure, elegant top placement pattern, and three-legged frame design give this plant stand style and versatility to complete your decor in the living room or out on the balcony.

Notable Features

  • Weight capacity – It can sustain a maximum load of 50KG, ideal for big and heavy garden pots and large planters.
  • High quality– Presents the best quality, made with a sturdy metal material that can grip different potted plants.
  • Sturdy and stable– The pot holder presents a rust-proofed surface, and it is durable for a longer time.
  • No Assembly Required – Present in a Ready to use format right out of the box & the Package includes two plant stands.
  • Dimension – 23 x 19 x 10 cm


  • It is suitable for a large set of potted plants.
  • Can also be used to hold some extra things.
  • Durable Material
  • Stylish and Chic


  • It offers a relatively flat and basic transitional style.

Green Gardenia Iron Plant Stand for Balcony

Green Gardenia Iron Plant Stand 1

An iron, rust-free, six-holder plant stand that comes with a floor-grill style design will allow your plant pots to drain. The perfect height stand whose pegs are not pointed instead perfectly carved will keep your plant pots off the floor so that there are no stains on your flooring. It is made of iron, the material is very sturdy and can also take heavy plant pots. The decorative aesthetic design will furbish and give a chic look to your living rooms, terraces, or balconies.

Whether you want a plant stand for the living room or your balcony, this can be your good decision as it portrays a pleasant design that will add a stylish touch to your home. Also, this flower plant stand can also be used as a dispenser stand.


  • Weight capacity: The stand is comparatively lightweight.
  • Material: It is made up of sturdy thick iron rods and ideal to lift heavy pots.
  • Size: 32 x 10 x 29cm


  • Rust-Free Iron Stand
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • 6-Holder Capacity
  • Multipurpose usage


  • Dimension is relatively smaller, which means that each tier will not hold more than one pot or plant.
  • Offer a basic design

D&V ENGINEERING- Metal Indoor/Outdoor Flower Pot

D V metal pot stand

D&V Engineering creates numerous home decorative products.  It is a metal and attractive plant stand that will showcase your favorite plants and flower pots with style. The white color stand gives a simple yet vibrant look to your balcony, entrance, terrace, or indoor spaces. The size is more significant than other usual plant stands, which helps display three big-sized pots. 

Its brushed legs prevent the floors from being damaged and keep your plants at the right height to help you water your plants easily, and the draining process will also be more superficial. This will also help your well-maintained plants absorb the sun and keep them healthy and vibrant. The rust-proof material is also a plus point that adds to the longevity of the product.

Notable Feature

  • Design This plant pot is designed with a touch of elegance and presents an attractive and straightforward design. It is the perfect purchase to enhance your house’s beauty.
  • Structure It is perfectly designed as strong, durable, and sturdy to hold the heavy potted plants safely.
  • Size and Capacity: 66 x 21 x 10 cm dimension
  • Material: It is a perfectly designed heavy-duty, rust-resistant metal with a powder-coated design for long term use.
  • Assemble: It comes as Ready to use as it requires no assemble time.


  • It offers a maximum weight capacity of 50 kg.
  • It can be placed at any indoor or outdoor place.
  • Comes in different tier sizes according to the price.


  • Cannot hold flower pots that are more extensive in breadth.
  • Offers a basic look.

NAYAB Metal Hanging Plant Holder Stand

nayab metal plant pot holder

NAYAB, as the name suggests, brings a variety of unique and latest plant stands. The chic wall-hanging plant stand that comes in a pair of two carved out of great metal gives a perfect finishing to your living area. The Colourful flower pots can be kept on this metal hanging stand, perfectly organized, will give your walls a very stylish touch. It is so elegant and well-designed that can be hanged literally in any part of your house, starting from the hallway, besides doorbells, terraces, balconies, bedrooms, etc. Also, the stand’s color is the perfect match for the vibrant colors of the flower pots.


  • Material — It is perfectly designed with metal material with a powder-coated finish on it.
  • Size –It offers a large size of 27 cm x 14 cm x 27 cm
  • Suitable Placement — It allows placement at any indoor places like – balcony, living room, and outdoor locations like a garden, flower shop, terrace.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easily hangable


  • Small-sized that will not hold too many flower pots.
  • Comes in a pack of two only.

LIVZING Multipurpose Bamboo Wooden Shelf Rack

livzing multipurpose wooden plant stand

A multi-shelf design, criss-cross styled, multi-layer flower rack is the perfect addition to the elegance of your house. This piece of décor can fit in any part of your home. Its color is the benefit that adds to its multipurpose use as it is made out of wood. It can be a perfect shelf, flower stand, book holder, container holder, or even a bathroom essentials shelf. It has a very chic look that can add to the vibrance of the kept space.

Also, since it is 4-tiered, each tier can serve a different use. Arranging books and other decorative pieces in the middle tiers and flower pots in the rest of the two racks will make it fantastic living room furniture. Stylishly serving all its purposes makes this flower rack stand out. It is correctly colored, nicely finished, a must-have for ones who love to decorate their spaces.

Notable Features

  1. Material: It is made of the best quality bamboo wood makes it super-durable that lasts longer. 
  2. Design: It has a hollow-out design that allows plants to get proper sunlight and drain water efficiently. 
  3. Easy to assemble: Assembling is easy through screws.
  4. Size: The total size after assembling 85.5 x 32 x 100cm. Its height will keep the plants above the floors which keep the floors protected and stainless.


  • It has an anti-slip grip at the bottom, prevents it from slipping
  • Super-stylish finishing
  • Perfect sizing that fits into any corner of your house
  • Capacity is large, 4-tiered, and broadly spaced that can hold many things at a time.


  • It is more extensive, so cannot fit in smaller spaces.
  • Design is outdated.
  • Not waterproof

Ecofynd Cotton Plant Hanger Rope

ecofynd cotton plant hanger

These cotton plant hanger ropes come in a pack of three, are to die for. Stylish, elegant, attractive, vibrant, these will be every plant-lovers first love. There could be no other super-stylish way to display your favorite plants than to hang them in these chic hanger ropes. The weave pattern of these hanger ropes gives them a classic look that will be a perfect addition to your indoor and outdoor spaces. This is highly recommended to be hanged in your balconies to enhance the area’s beauty and give it a natural look.

Notable Features

  1. Material: Made from fine quality handmade woven cotton and it goes well with any interior.
  2. Design: Unique and attractive look and you can hang it anywhere.
  3. Weight capacity: This sturdy pot holder can easily lift to 10 kg.
  4. Size: Total height is 39inches


  • Eco-friendly, hand weave material
  • Unique and vibrant color
  • Longevity is more compared to other plant stands.


  • Cannot bear the weight of big flower pots or plants.

TrustBasket Indigo Planter Stand/Pot Stand

trust basket planter stand 2

This flower pot coming out from TrustBasket can sustain a weight of up to 25 kgs. It comes with dimensions of 61 x 22.5 x 9.5 cm and allows up to 6 supporter planters. 


  • Size – Height of the plant stand -9.5 cm, Breadth of the plant stand- 22.5 cm, and Length of the plant stand – 61 cm
  • Quality: This plant stand is made of high-quality heavy gauge galvanized metal, which provides its durability.
  • Design – Carefully designed with powder-coated paint to avoid rusting.
  • Shape: It offers a rectangular shape, including eight strong legs, which can significantly support the pots.


  • Offers a corrosion-resistant body.
  • Excellent Build Quality.


  • Low load capacity.

Kundi Metal Flower Pot Rack for Balcony/Outdoor

Kundi 3 tier plant stand 1

Kundi offers loads of unusual and unique decorative items. Mostly they present you with the rarest or antique items. If you are bored with the casual looking plant stands, you must get your hands on this flower plant stand.

Kundi 3 Tier Plant Stand Floral Corner presents you with a unique and trending plant stand with charming metallic racks. You must give this product a try to add the missing pinch of beauty to your house.

Notable Features

  • Sturdy and Durable – This plant stand presents a metallic finish with black powder-coated on it. Therefore, it offers a rust-resistant body. It comes with a maximum of 5 supporter planters.
  • Locations – The plant stand allows indoor and outdoor use. You can position it in any indoor area such as the entryway, living room, etc. And also in outdoor places such as gardens, balconies, flower shops, etc.
  • Multifunctionality: The plant stand is perfect for carrying various plants and other things like books, shoes, and other small items that enhance your house’s beauty.
  • Size: It offers dimensions of 81 x 57 x 79 cm.


  • Offer a stunning and unique design.
  • High Quality and Durability


  • Requires installation.

TRUPHE Metal Planters Stand

truphe metal planter stand

This incredible planter stand is prepared from a particular powder-coated metal that adds a non-corrosive facility to it. It does not only help to create great space for your potted plants but also is strong enough to bear heavy loads. It helps to accommodate two large pots in the same stand at once, or even 2 to 3 small pots can also be arranged on it beautifully. Its vibrant yet straightforward white color and height, making it easier for you to water the plants and prevent the floor from damaging—a perfect plant rack to assemble your flower pots and display them in style.

Notable Features

  • Size: It comes in a pack of four, each with a dimension of 63 cm x 24 cm x 5 cm that makes it hold up to four flower pots.
  • Material: The sturdy material and structure make it super durable and bear an enormous load efficiently.


  • Load capacity is high, up to 50 kilograms.
  • Sturdy structure
  • Corrosion-free


  • Very generic finishing
  • Not so stylish look

Things to Know While buying the best Plant Stands

Selecting the plant stands for indoor and outdoor purposes that cater to your needs, also show an excellent appearance, be suitable for lifting loads, and many other things that are quite a hectic task. Here we have presented some factors that you should be aware of while thinking about the plant stands. 

Supported Pots: Certain plant stands restricts the numbers of the plants you can put in a plant stand. Therefore, if you have an outsized plant in your house, You must decide the size of the plant stand before the purchase. It will assist you in planting many flowers inside your home to enhance its beauty.

Design: Design is one of the essential factors while purchasing the perfect plant stand, which must complement its surrounding decorative items. If you opt for an extremely ancient design, you may end up with a weird setup of decorative items, all of their styles contradicting each other. Therefore, before finalizing your purchase of the right plant stand, you must look at various aspects like colors, shape, and stand size.

Size and Dimension: In conjunction with a stunning look and matching colors, you must also decide the plant’s size and the stand’s dimension to adjust it in specific locations inside your house. We will suggest you first make up your mind of where to physically fit the indoor plans stand, and be aware of the measurements and dimensions before you opt for purchase to induce a perfect match.

The capacity of the Plant Stand: Flowers and plants are the jewelry of nature. Every individual desire to enhance their house’s beauty by incorporating certain plants that soothe the eye and mind. We must be well aware that these plants come with soil and planters, making them heavy. And when we water the plants’ ground, it gets heavier and increases the plant’s load. Therefore, before the purchase of the ideal plant stand that makes the perfect match, you must be well aware of its load capacity so that it can withstand the load easily.

Cost: In the race of enhancing the beauty of your house with a touch of nature, you must not win out of money. So, before you purchase a plant stand, you must look for its cost, durability, and its look and appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wooden pots suitable for plants?

Wooden Planters are very stylish and chic. They give a classy look to your spaces, which is attractive and what buyers long for while choosing plant stands. Also, wood is slow to dry out, so it soaks the water, keeping the soil moist for a longer time. That means you will not have to water the plants several times a day. But the only problem with wooden pots is that they rot when coming in contact with water frequently. But you can avoid this problem by wrapping a plastic lining and leaving pores in it for water drainage.

What is the best material for a pot stand?

The best and the most preferred material for a plant stand is rust-free and corrosion-resistant iron. This material and structure will stay firm and stylish for a longer duration. These are sturdy and durable. If you go for a wooden plant, its longevity will be less than an iron stand because of plants’ necessary watering. Wood will get damaged after coming in contact with water frequently which is not the case in iron stands.

Can I keep other things in the indoor plant stands?

Most of the indoor plants are multi-functional, which can be used for several purposes. These racks can be used as shelves that can be used to store things in different parts of the house. For instance, a wooden indoor flower stand has a quite chic look that can be used for arranging books and other decorative pieces in the living space. Iron plant stands can serve the purpose of shoe racks. Planter stands are mostly multi-functional and can be used in a variety of ways.

What should be an ideal size for plant stands?

It depends on the dimension and the number of flower pots you wish to arrange in it, you should decide the size that would be suitable for you. But normally, the perfect size would be 12-inch x 12-inch x 4 inches.

How can I make indoor plant stands?

Indoor Plant stands can be made out of several materials, for instance, wood, cork, iron, cardboard, etc. This can also be affordable and can be made in sizes that perfectly fits your needs.


So, here is the complete list of the Top 10 Flower Plant Stands for Balcony and Indoor in India. The plant stand serves to enhance the beauty of the indoor and outdoor areas of the house. Moreover, the stand with a good design, material, and impressive load capacity can fascinate any guest. 

However, choosing a plant stands also depends on how many plants you keep at home, where you want to keep them, and so on. Grab the stand that makes a perfect match with your requirements and coat you surrounding with the spell of beauty.

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