7 Best Selling curtains for living room in India

As we know, it’s essential to add attractive curtains to add a stylish appeal to the living room. After all, curtains are more than a dressing for the windows in the living room or hall. They cut the light and provide privacy at the same time. You need to ensure several things before buying a curtain-like style, design, color, fabric, etc. Some people prefer to purchase the curtain with a simple look, while some prefer its vibrant designs. Choosing the right design adds appeal to the floors, and they add elegance to the doors and windows. 

If you wonder how to choose the best curtain to add to your living room, it will help if you look at the below guide. Finding the best curtains for living room or bedroom is challenging because you will get many options when you explore the market. This article lists the best quality designer curtains that you should review and choose the one that animates your whole room with a brilliant color or print. 

List of the Best Curtains for living room / Bedroom

 Urban Space Cotton Curtains for BedroomcottonBuy at amazon
Linenwalas Cotton Linen Sheer Curtaincotton linenBuy at amazon
 BLOCKS OF INDIA Hand Block Printed Cotton Door CurtainscottonBuy at amazon
ARMENIA HAGUE Blackout Curtainsilk and silk-blendBuy at amazon
Jewear Cotton  Hand Block Design with Eyeleted Curtains.cottonBuy at amazon
Rayna Decor Velvet Eyelet Door/Window CurtainvelvetBuy at amazon
Homefab India Floral Jute Eyelet Curtain for living room/bedroomjute and polyester blendBuy at amazon

Best Window and Door curtains for living room in India

Urban Space Cotton Curtains for Bedroom

urban home cotton curtains for living room

Key points

  1. It comes with a set of 2 curtains with 4 inches fold at the bottom
  2.  It is available in various options
  3.  350 GSM thick cotton.
  4. It has a Floral pattern
  5. It Comes with stainless steel rings.
  6. The Premium Linen Cotton with the features of catching less dust

The premium quality curtains provided by Urban space will update your home with an attractive look and provide a modern and airy feel. It’s easy to fit these curtains in all areas. Urban space curtains will not let the bright light enter your space. It also creates a beautiful look and simultaneously offers you enough privacy to enjoy your family time. These curtains are the perfect option for Patio Doors, bedrooms, Living rooms, Kitchen, and even the Office Room. 

Without curtains, the house looks too dull and unfinished. With the Urban space, you can add an attractive look to the window panes of your house. Whether you like the breezy attitude of crystalline curtains or peace in your room, you get everything by going for a remarkable range of Urban space home curtains.

wash care instructions

Use a simple machine wash in water at a temperature of fewer than 40 degrees and dry it in the sun.


  1. Traditional cotton with rich colors
  2. Gives 4% shrinkage controlled
  3. Catches the less dust
  4. Offer positive and festive vibes


  1. Block only 65 to 80% light

Linenwalas Cotton Linen Sheer Curtain

Linenwalas Cotton Linen Sheer Curtain

Key points

  1. It comes in a set of 2 pairs with eight metal rings in each of the panels.
  2. It is available in various options and 1-2 inch is added in above size so if shrinking happen then actual size not affect.
  3.  It is made of 100% cotton linen with 4% shrinkage controlled.
  4. It has a solid pattern.
  5. It comes with eyelet rings.

This curtain is designed with a premium feature to set a positive vibrance and natural ambiance in the room. The lovely design curtain provides a natural rich appeal to the entire house. This curtain is designed to absorb less dust and hang on the curtain rod conveniently with grommets; this can be easily washed in the washing machine. 

These unique curtains for bedroom are handcrafted in India. The color of the curtains doesn’t fade even after washing. These curtains come with eight metal rings on each panel for convenient hanging. It is one of the best quality curtains that comes at a very cost-effective price. Apart from being less effective, this curtain also comes in various creative designs.

wash care instructions

The very first few washes separate the solid colors by machine washes.


  1. Two decorative eyelet panel added with curtains
  2. 100% cotton linen
  3. A margin of 1-2 inches is provided for shrinking
  4. Sheer curtains
  5. 90 days replacement warranty


  1. To thin for windows
  2. Little plain for fashion lovers

BLOCKS OF INDIA Hand Block Printed Cotton Door Curtains

Cotton Paisley Grommet Door curtains

Key points

  1. It comes with a paisley pattern with printed fabric
  2. It is made of cotton
  3. It comes in a set of 2 pairs with eyelets rings
  4. Size is 4 x 7 and also comes in other options

The hand block is one of the primitive art forms of home curtains. Just because of its great artistic beauty, several people admire this home curtain. These curtains are popular not only in India but all over the world. This curtain is designed with fine craftwork and skill. Even skilled artisans use the wooden block to add a colorful design pattern to the curtains. You can brighten up your living room and bedroom with these hand-block curtains. 

The variation in the manufacturing of these curtains proves that it is protected from the several defects. If you are looking for artistic design curtains that too at a cost-effective price, then going for these curtains can prove to be the perfect choice for your home.

Wash care instructions

Do not wash it excessively in the machine as the color may fade. You can wash off these cotton curtains fabrics gently and separately in cold water.


  • It doesn’t shrink
  • It can wash in the washing machine
  • Vibrant color
  • Great quality cotton curtains with an elegant hand block printing
  • Excellent material quality


  • It doesn’t come with loops
  • It is a daylight curtain and doesn’t block full sunlight

ARMENIA HAGUE Blackout Curtain

Italian Silk Blackout Curtain

Key points:

  1. It is made of silk and silk-blend with 4 sided border stitching
  2. It comes with a set of 2 pair
  3. It is a 100% blackout curtains
  4. It comes with eyelets rings
  5. 285 gsm heavy fabric 
  6. It is built with great technology to reduce noise
  7. Size is 4 x 7 and available in other options

Curtain by ARMENIA HAGUE never compromises with the quality, and due to the top quality, they have been appreciated by the customer number of times. This top-quality curtain comes at a very cost-effective price; not only this, but you can also use this curtain for the bedroom and don’t let the sunlight wake you up early in the morning. 

These curtains prevent the light from entering the room and block the view of the room from outside. You can get these fantastic curtains in multiple variant colors. It means that now you can add extra creativity to your bedroom and living room by going for this good quality curtain. Whether you are purchasing these curtains for winter or summer, this curtain is effective in all seasons. 

Besides all, this curtain is extraordinarily soft and compared to several other curtains in the market. This stylishly designed curtain enables the user to decorate your windows with great style. This curtain is tested and qualified both for indoor and outdoor use. If you are looking for a stylish, modern, and affordable price curtain for your living room, then this curtain is the perfect choice for you. 

Machine wash instructions

The blackout curtain is 100% washable which means that you can wash it in the machine or by hand. The use of bleach in the fabric is not advisable.


  • Top-notch material quality
  • Excellent stitching for better durability
  •  Anti-fade Fabric
  • It has anti-rust glossy eyelets
  • It protects from UV rays
  • saves energy by reducing the temperature from outer to inside 


  • Little heavy

Jewear Cotton  Hand Block Design with Eyeleted Curtains

Cotton Floral Curtain

Key points

  1. It is made of 100% pure cotton
  2. It has a floral pattern with hand-block printing
  3. The curtain weight is 1.29kg
  4. It comes with a set of 2 pairs with eyelet rings

The curtain is one of the essential parts of your home for decorating your house. This curtain adds style and elegance to the interior of your house. These curtains are manufactured using high precision. The curtain is made from 100% cotton, which means that the curtains’ color will not shrink if washed in the washing machine. 

These curtains are effortless to hang easily, which cover your door and small windows of your home. With this curtain, you can add a stylish look to the plain walls of your bedroom. 

Wash care instructions

Check the label if it says delicate fabric then do dry cleaning and if it says washable then you can simply wash it in your washing machine.


  • Value for money
  • Material is very thick
  • Outstanding material quality
  • The Colour doesn’t bleed during wash


  • Doesn’t block full light

Rayna Decor Velvet Eyelet Door/Window Curtain

Luxury Suede Velvet Eyelet Door Curtain

Key points

  1. It is made of 100% velvet
  2. It comes with eyelet rings made of stainless steel 
  3. It comes with 2 velvet panels and 10 steel grommets in each panel
  4. It has a solid color with a print effect
  5. It has built with triple weave technology

Rayna decor velvet curtain is one of the perfect additions to your home. Whether you are looking to use this curtain for your living room or bedroom, it perfectly fits all the areas. Using this curtain will give a modern touch to your home. You can also use this curtain in your office or other public places. The curtain is made from velvet fabric, and the fabric of the curtain won’t shrink on washing. Due to its excellent color fastness, you can use it multiple times. 

Any size and color of this curtain will the advanced furnishing style can add a classy touch to your existing decor. The velvet-soft drapery used while making this curtain is thick and very pleasant to touch when compared to other curtains. While choosing the curtain, if you are worried that it will fit in the window or add a perfect look, this curtain meets the expectations. With its opulent tones and elegant drape, you can add a luxurious style to your room. Apart from providing top quality, this curtain will don’t shrink even after washing it multiple times.

Wash care instructions

Do not bleach and Can do both Normal hand wash or machine wash with normal detergent.


  1. Premium quality material
  2. polyester with soft velvet
  3. Reduce the noises
  4. Doesn’t shrink
  5. Room darkening but allow some natural light to come through.


  1. Doesn’t block full light

Homefab India Floral Jute Eyelet Curtain for living room/bedroom

Blackout Jute Floral Eyelet Polyester Curtain

Key points

  • It is made with jute and polyester blend with a floral pattern
  • It comes with a set of 2 pair with 8 metal eyelets
  • 250 GSM thick material

By choosing this Jacquard Jute curtain, you can add style and elegance to your home’s interior as these curtains are made from the best materials to provide quality to all the customers. 

These curtains are manufactured from High Precision and Accuracy to provide the Finest Quality Modern Curtains. The curtain is composed of Jute yarn with polyester blends that make it extra durable, enhanced life that adds a modern look to your room and windows’ walls. It comes in multiple Sizes and Colors as they cater to all the Doors and Windows of your house making them eye-catching.

Due to its colorfastness, this curtain color will not shrink even after continuous washing. It can be hung conveniently with good folds to cover up all the doors and windows. It also comes with an eight metallic steel finish eyelet which makes it easy to hang. The curtains prevent the shining light from entering the room, which means they can be used in both the winter and summer seasons.

Wash care instructions

Do the first few washes separately from dark colors. Don’t bleach. You can do cold machine wash with a light detergent


  1. Doesn’t shrink
  2. Great value for money
  3. Room darkening curtain and can block a good amount of light
  4. 8 metal rings without any panic of fitting
  5. Best quality material


A little heavyweight than others

Factors to consider before choosing the best curtains

Durability – If you are looking for a curtain that doesn’t disappoint you and works for long. It is best to consider the durability of it. Some curtains accompany an excellent design and print, but they don’t come in a suitable fabric. So, choosing a fabric that works well will be the right decision. 

Affordable – Most of the fabrics available in the market are expensive, like Silk. Several fabrics come with several prices. So, along with choosing the fabric, ensure that the thing you are investing in will not disappoint you. You can consider Cotton as well, as it’s the least expensive fabric. While purchasing the ideal curtain, it’s essential to check out if the curtain is cost-effective and purchase the one that suits your requirements accordingly. 

Pattern and Colour – Whenever you head up to purchase the fabric, no matter, it’s online or offline. Consider their pattern and color as the right color and pattern sit beautifully. Meanwhile, you need to ensure that the curtain you choose will match the furnishings and your room’s color. 

Ease To Maintain – Some fabrics in the market ask for dry cleaning, while some fabrics can be easily washed at home. These include Synthetic and Linen ones. It will help if you choose the fabric that doesn’t ask you to spend more money on it and can be maintained easily. You can choose the one as per your use or go for the cotton curtains as they get washed without any hassle and reuse them.

Weave – You can choose the curtains that are having a light fabric. Or they are woven loosely. They allow the light to pass through it. If you are looking for the darkroom, you can go for the tightly woven fabrics. On the contrary, for a light and sunny room, you can go for loosely woven fabric. Some fabrics fade or get damaged due to regular sun exposure, so avoid such fabrics in sunny rooms.

Length and Lining – Before you think of the curtain, it is essential to consider the curtain’s length and check if it’s not as high above the window and not much smaller. Before purchasing the curtain, keep in mind the window’s length and the curtain won’t spill the window area. 

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