10 Best Decorative Items For Living Room to buy online in India

Decorative items are a splendid choice to enhance the charm of the living room or hall. It plays a significant role in giving a new dimension to the beauty of the home, office interior, or any other place.

Most interior designers recommend keeping some beautiful decorative accessories in your room to add a touch of uniqueness and increase elegance. Yet, decorating the house will depend entirely on your interests and preferences.

You will find many options for home decor items online. Here, I have presented the 10 best decorative items for your living room or bedroom from which you can choose.

Best Home Decorative Items For Living Room in India

Artysta Terracotta Earthen Vases for Home Décor

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Key specs:

  1. Multipurpose decor item
  2. Material: Terracotta
  3. weight: 570 gm
  4. Size: Set of 2 vases and size is 6.2x 3 inch, and 5x 4inch respectively.

This earthenware vase will be a chic factor in your room decoration. It is a classy handmade item and crafted with love to showcase the flowers. You can keep it on your wall shelves, center table, or anywhere. It is a good display item that you can use for gifting purposes on different occasions. It is a handcrafted item, so use an only a dry cloth to remove dust.

AG Crafts Set of 12 Individual Photo Frames with Mount

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Key specs:

  1. Size: Set of 12 photo frames and size is 6 x 8 inch
  2. Material: The frame is made of engineered wood.
  3. No Assembly required

Photo frames are decorative pieces that add beauty to the plain wall. You can organize your pictures according to your preference in small or big clusters. You can make a big cluster to create the collage or simply mount them in other rooms to make a short cluster. These frames come with an in-built glass design so that moisture does not get inside. It is perfect for wall decoration to display pictures in a beautiful layout.

3 PC Set of Floral Paintings

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Key specs:

  1. Size: set of 3 and 12.5 x 5.5, 12.5 x 5.5, 12.5 x 9.8inch respectively
  2. Weight: 700gm
  3. Material: Engineered wood
  4. Design: Comes in multiple color options

Floral paintings are another great option to decorate the walls. These paintings come in a rectangular shape in a frame finish. It has an excellent picture quality and vibrant design that gives you a delicate look. You can easily hang these framed pictures with sticky tape or a hook attached to the back. It is built with engineered wood, lightweight, and quite sturdy. 

Handicraft Studio Iron Cycle Wall Hanging

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Key specs:

  1. Material: Made of metal 
  2. weight: 1kg
  3. Size:Set of 1 cycle and size is 30 x 21 x 10.5 inch
  4. Easy to hang on the wall
  5. It can hold up to 5kg

This wall-hanging decor item will be a good addition to your drawing-room or living room. It is made of iron metal and has a beautiful antique finish on its basket gives a vintage look. It has excellent built quality, and it can lift to 5 kg of weight. You can keep small decoration items, books, magazines, and other stuff in it. It will also look good in the garden and other outdoor areas to display the flowers. You can quickly fix it on the wall to give a unique and attractive look in your room.

RAG28 Decorative Home Decor Items

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Key specs:

  1. 1-year warranty
  2.  size: 12 x 5.5 x 5.5 inch 
  3. weight is 900 gm

It is a wall-hanging glass jar that will complement your room decor. If you want an eye-catching decorative accessory for your living room or hall, this wall decor item will be an excellent choice. The glass jar comes with a set of fairy LED lights, an artificial flower bouquet, and a steel hanger. It looks beautiful, and you can hang it anywhere for your room decoration with the help of jute rope attached to it.

Natali Traders Polyresin Baby Hat Monk Buddha Idols

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Key specs:

  1. Size: Set of 4 and size 10 x 5 x 11cm
  2. Weight: 200 gm
  3. Material: Polyresin
  4. Beautiful Handicraft items

The cute set of the baby buddha monk will give a wonderful look to your room decor and attract the attention of a guest. These are the perfect showcase items for your living room, wall, and table decor. You can also place them in your car as a display item. It is made of polyresin, and these sculptures have elegant artwork that gives you a unique appearance in the home decor.

Jaipur Ace Lord Adiyogi Shiva Statue for Home & Office Decor

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Key specs:

  1. Size: 6.5 x 4.3 x 5 Inch
  2. Weight: 350gm
  3. Finish: Matt finish
  4. Material: polyresin and mix

This Lord Adiyogi Shiva Statue is more than just a home decor item. The skilled artists neatly crafted the idol by using high-quality polyresin material, and it gives a soothing look. The Adiyogi idol is considered good to keep in your home as it provides positive vibes with a blissful atmosphere. It is light in weight, and you can place the idol in your car’s dashboard, temple, table, or anywhere to get a pleasant feeling. Besides, it is ideal for gifting on various occasions.

Xtore 3D Home Decor Butterfly with Sticking

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Key Specs:

  1. Size: the set of 12pc
  2. Material: metal and craft paper
  3. Weight: 30gm

The amazing look, elegant design, and great build quality define them as one of the best home decor items you can buy online. These beautiful butterflies have a metallic finish, and once fixed on the wall, they give you a very stylish and premium look. It comes with double-sided adhesive stickers, and you can stick these sets comfortably on any flat surface such as the wall, fridge, cabinet, etc. It is effortlessly joyful DIY wall decor for the living room or bedroom. These sets are designed with laminated coating, which prevents them from turning black over time.

Brahmz Set of 3 Handmade Glass Mosaic Light Candle Holders

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Key specs:

  1. Size: the set of 3 and 3.25×3.25×3 Inch
  2. Material: glass
  3. Weight: 200gm

These are the set of tealight candle holders which give exquisite looks after lighting the candle inside. These are handmade items on which skilled artists have done beautiful craftsmanship, giving an artful appeal to your home decor. The holders are made of glass and are designed in 3 different variations to give a lovely look. You can keep regular tealight candles, small LED lights, votive candles on these holders for a perfect table centerpiece in your interior decoration.

Xtore Home Décor Lucky swan Couple

Key specs:

  1. Size: 26 x19 and 18 x 15cm respectively
  2. Weight: 234gm
  3. Material: ceramic

This is a pair of swan couples in red and white color, which symbolizes love and blessings. It will add a wow factor to your home decor as it looks beautiful and attractive that will amplify your room ambience. It is designed with utmost perfection, and it has anti-skid pads that prevent them from slipping. They are pretty sturdy, making this perfect table decor item. 

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