8 Best Decorative Lights for Home in India

If you want to add glance and glam to your surroundings, whether it is home or office decor, these LED decorative lights are perfect for all setups. The simplistic style and antique appearance, along with a warm glow, create a memorable and lovely ambiance for all festival occasions, birthdays, and more. Easy to install, these decorative lights are highly durable, versatile, and even water-resistant to fit with every event. 

The stunning fancy LED lights for home decoration are available in various styles and unique shapes that give an instant luminous effect and enhance the beauty of your area. The excellent quality and affordable price of these bright coloured string lights are a must for any festive or wedding season. It gives a classic experience and makes your glamorous event more joyful.

I have presented the best decorative lights for the home to help you make your shopping hassle-free.

Best LED Decorative Lights For Home in India

LED Marquee Letter Lights 

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Key specs:

  • Material: enviornmental ABS and PP
  • Size: 24 x 22 x 5.5cm
  • Power source: runs with 2 AA pencil cells
  • Weight: 250 gm 

The uniquely designed LED Marquee Letter Lights are spectacular and trendy for every event, from a wedding to a birthday and even on corporate occasions. The awesome Letter Lights that style a bold statement to bring charm and glamour to your home decor. These large LED letters and numbers with illuminated lights are versatile and easily customized to sparkle your favourite words. 

Simply eye-catching for any occasion and ideal for gifting as these can be used on a wall or fit on shelves and tables, which is praiseworthy. The most exciting thing about this LED light is that these are battery-operated and are all set to grab everyone’s attention right out of the box. These LED lights are phenomenal and gracious that leave a magnificent impression on your loved ones when displayed indoor or outdoor as per your convenience.

Techno E-Tail LED Waterdrop String Lights

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Key specs

  • Size: 20 lights and its size 7.5 cm each
  • Power source: 0.05w light and runs on plug-in electric source
  • Material: PVC and copper
  • Weight: 240 gm

Presenting the unique and classy water drop string lights is versatile enough for any occasion peculiarly. The remote can control these string lights and is water-resistant, which is impressive.

These decor lights are wonderfully crafted to build a romantic and sound-sweet atmosphere with the super soothing effect of the illuminated lamp.Designed innovatively, these string lights are perfect for any festive occasion as you can hang these around the wall, tree, garden, office building, etc.

 The water drop shape of string light is built with moisture-wicking technology, and its remarkable finish touch is sensational. Spectacular, durable, and worth buying, it creates a unique ambiance for any home or office decor.

Star Led Light for Home Decoration

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Key specs

  • Size: 20 star lights and length is 3m
  • Power source: runs on pencil cell and USB option available
  • Weight: 120gm

It will bring charm and glamour to your home appearance and even create a tranquil atmosphere at your place. These versatile, colorful string lights can use as decorative pieces during festivals, weddings, walls, doors, windows, etc. 

The most compelling about these String Lights is that they are easily accessible by the remote control that gives a complete comfort level by just switching on the light. The designer sequence of the light will leave a gracious and magnificent impression on people.

Built with water-resistant technology, these LED lights are eye-catching, and they are durable, easy to install, and operate indoors and outdoors. Excellent with its exceptional features, the LED star string light is worth noting.

Fizzytech Heart Shape Light Curtain for Decoration

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Key specs:

  • Size:138 LEDs with 6.6 x 3.3 ft
  • Power source: plug-in source and also with power bank
  • Weight: 540 gm

These Hearts Shape Curtain Lights will brighten up your room with a colorful light shade and give it a charming effect. The magic that these simple-looking lights can create will astonish your guest. As they are water-resistant, they are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. 

These Lights are extensively safe and save power consumption. The LED power curtain lights provide high brightness within a small space. These lights are ideal as decorative pieces that you can hang on walls or curtains during the festive season or other occasions to brighten the place with its illuminating white light. You can efficiently operate the lights by the plug-in and also by power bank as per your accessibility.

SATYAM KRAFT Led Light Melting Candle For Home Decoration

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Key specs:

  • Size: 12 LEDs candle with the size of 1.4 X 1.4 X 1.75 inch each
  • Power source: runs on 3 button cells
  • Weight: 220gm

These elegant, smoke-free, and stylish natural-looking candles are with incredible features are excellent for home decoration. These flameless candles give a classy and traditional look that is absolute for any tabletop, candlelit hotels, festive, and more. 

These battery-operated gleaming candles not only keep your tensions of fire hazard at bay but also give a soothing atmosphere. The candles’ excellent melted edge gives a realistic appearance and the fanciful flame that creates a relieving and relaxing surrounding. These candles are a perfect choice as they provide complete peace of mind and keep your family members safe and sound.

LED Blossom Flower String Lights

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Key specs:

  1. Size: 40 LED with 6m wire length and flower’s size is 3cm
  2. Power source: 220v plug-in mode
  3. Material: PVC and copper
  4. Weight: 140gm

Uniquely designed Blossom flower shape LED light serves as decorative lights to illuminate your place with a pleasing and calm effect. Eminent and alluring lights are flawless for home decoration and also are durable, flexible, and versatile in every way. This gives a warm and beautiful lightning effect to brighten your any occasion.

Perfectly fit for indoor and outdoor decoration as these lights are built with water-resistant technology. You can easily have these string LED lights on Windows, walls, doors, trees, or elsewhere to experience a unique and wonderful unexpected lightning display at night.

LED Tabletop Bonsai Tree String Light

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Key specs:

  1. Size: Bonsai tree with 36 LEDs lights
  2. Power source: 5v USB cable and also 3 AA batteries 
  3. Weight: 310gm
  4. Height: 17cm

Make your occasion remarkable and memorable with the Ultra stylish LED Table Top Bonsai Tree, which is an outstanding gift for your loved ones. The warm white light perfectly glows on an artificial pearl beaded tree that gives your place’s peaceful surroundings. The flexible branches easily bend to provide an ideal natural shape of a tree.

Batteries and USB cable efficiently operate it as per your needs, which is impressive. The LED Bonsai tree easily fits in any place with its elegant glowing light. Excellent for decorating the hall, tables, corners of the bedrooms of your home that lighten your space. Enjoy and adore the warmth of light with this excellent tabletop tree light.

LED Window Curtain String Lights 

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Key specs:

  • Size: 12 piece stars including 138 total Leds light with 2.5m wire length
  • Star length: 6 big and 6 small stars and length 20cm and 10cm respectively
  • Modes: 8 different lighting modes
  • Power source: 0.05 LED with plug-in source
  • Weight: 440gm

To give your room a bright, unique, and stunning look, then you can opt for the LED String Lights. These are cool and attractive string lights that enhance your room’s beauty with the perfect brightening effect. Not only this, these LED lights are best to suit any occasion or decor with their twinkle bulb that emits a bright light. 

It is embedded with a unique little hook that enables easy hanging on the nails or curtains as you desire. Adding more, these curtain string lights are built with waterproof-resistant technology, which is suitable for outdoor occasions. The Curtain Lights are ideal for decorating your home, walls, and backdrops that are simply magical to turn your place into a fairyland.

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