8 Best Digital Alarm Clock in India: Reviews and Buying Guide

Getting up early on a schedule can help normalize your sleep patterns and feel more relaxed and fit in the morning, which you can do with a simple alarm clock. People have used their alarm clocks for over a century to wake up at the right time and never miss the bus or flight they had to catch.

 In this digital age, more and more alarm clocks are coming up with new features. They have LCD screens, Bluetooth connectivity, and other excellent options to improve your sleep quality with a small investment.

This article lists the best digital alarm clocks that you can buy today so that you will not have a hard time getting up from bed in the morning.

Best Digital Alarm Clock Online in India

AubeAlba Digital Alarm Clock

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Key features

  1. Big LCD Display
  2. Automatic sensor for night time
  3. Smart Backlight feature
  4. Adjustable buttons

The table Clock comes with a simple design that has a large display on its front and rounded corners on its side. You can use this digital clock in your bedroom beside your table to easily read time from its screen. The clock offers a good design with a strong build quality to last longer in a typical Indian house. Its built-in backlit display helps you see the time even at night, and you can turn it on with a simple push of a button.

 The important thing is its sound which helps you to get up from deep sleep. It has a progressive sound that gradually increases over time so that your sleep is not disturbed and you can get up comfortably. It also has night vision which is light-activated and you can easily read the time while staying in bed at night. The nice display and multiple features making it the best digital alarm clock for students on our list. 


  1. Easy to set up and operate
  2. Quality and sturdy material
  3. Easy to read time
  4. Multiple purposes use


  1. Can’t set different alarms
  2. The sound is not very loud

RYLAN Digital LED Alarm Clock

Key features

  1. 2 level brightness adjustment
  2. 2 power supply option
  3. Large LED display
  4. Adjustable buttons

People who like fancy household products will love this digital LED alarm clock. It is equipped with a mirror display that looks phenomenal on any background. The digital clock shows time, date, temperature, etc., on display with a built-in night mode so you can see better in dark places. The soothing alarm gently wakes you up by slowly increasing its volume to never interrupt your natural sleep. 

If you don’t turn off the alarm manually, the snooze time will not elapse, ensuring you wake up at the right time every morning to finish all of your tasks on time. The alarm clock uses 3 AAA batteries, or you can even use it with a USB cable for power supply. It can be a perfect gift for someone in New Year, Christmas, birthday, or for any other occasion that you want to celebrate with friends and family. It is also the perfect digital clock for heavy sleepers because the voice is loud enough.


  1. Easy to operate and setup
  2. Multi-purpose uses
  3. The alarm sound is very loud
  4. Value for money
  5. It can also use as a small mirror


No cons found

JEVAL 510 Digital Alarm Table Clock

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Key features

  1. Comes in different variants
  2. Big LCD display with bold fonts
  3. Adjustable buttons at front

 It is a tabletop alarm clock that entirely operates on an electronic LCD. You can set the alarm for a whole month in advance with its custom settings. The alarm clock is the best clock for your family because it has a calendar with a thermostat, music player, and a countdown timer with many other features that you can view on its large display.

 Even if you are on a budget, this clock can be purchased because it is cheaper than other digital clocks on the market, making it ideal for general use. With the alarm clock in your home or office, you can find the current time in a fraction of a second. Plus, the night light allows you to easily measure the time when it’s dark, so you don’t have to get out of bed until the morning.


  1. Compact design
  2. It can play a birthday reminder song
  3. settings are easy to setup


  1. Doesn’t have a stopwatch function
  2. Brightness is not good

Ajanta Quartz Digital Red LED Square Wall Clock

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Key features

  1. Comes with AA batteries
  2. Many indicators at a single screen
  3. Digital wall clock with calendar
  4. It works only on an electric connection

Ajanta is an Indian brand that makes watches of the highest quality in more than 32 countries worldwide with elegant designs that you can place in your office or home. Their Digital clocks are designed to let you quickly look up the date or time on its display as they are easy to read even at night times. The digital watch’s battery lasts a long time, and you can expect to replace it after a few years as it works both from a battery and direct connection.

 Plus, this clock’s square design fits perfectly into your home, and you can easily place it around the room to always know the exact time. The LED Square Wall Clock is recommended for those who wish to purchase a premium clock with a high-quality finish that does not require any maintenance in case of power outages.  


  1. Bright and large display
  2. Can use on the surface or hang on the wall
  3. Shines well in the dark


  1. You can’t see the time when the electricity goes out.
  2. It shows temperature in celsius only, but not in Fahrenheit

Getsy Digital LCD Clock with Calendar

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Key Features

  1. Battery operated digital table clock
  2. Adjustable buttons
  3. LCD Display

Getsy is a multipurpose alarm clock that shows you temperature, date, time, and date to always know all these stats before leaving the room in the morning. Although the alarm clock is made from plastic material, it has a good build quality that can last a long time in your home and help you wake up with a piece of loud alarm music in the morning.

 Using the built-in clock dial, you can set the alarm or timer so that you always wake up at the right time in the morning and never be late for work. The watch is available in silver and black colors that you can choose according to the interior design of your room. Its flat LCD screen is large enough so that you can see the time correctly even from a farther point, and you can view the digital clock at night because it has a night mode which lets you see the time in an instant.


  1. It can display a calendar of up to 100 years
  2. You can set a birthday alarm to play the birthday reminder song


It doesn’t have an automatic backlight function

SKYLIT Plastic Digital Alarm Clock

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Key features

  1. It can play 8 different alarm songs
  2. The clock can change itself in seven different colors.
  3. It glows well in the dark

The Skylit digital smartwatch is a beautifully designed product that features a timer, temperature monitoring, alarm, snooze, etc., that you can access with a push of a button. This smartwatch is easy to use, and you can see the time and date on the large LCD screen that looks bright in dark places. It is equipped with an intelligent alarm that allows you to easily set a timer that will not go off until you press the button on the top of the digital clock.

 The clock runs on three different AAA batteries that last over a year, even if you regularly use the alarm. The time on this watch is easy to adjust, and you can even adjust the brightness to match your room’s lighting, so you never run into screen dimming issues. The snooze function of this alarm clock will alert you after 5 minutes to wake you up even from a deep sleep.


  1. Attractive clock with large font size
  2. Colour changing feature
  3. Nice alarm sound
  4. Ideal for gifting


Buttons are not on top

HNESS Led Backlight Digital Alarm Clock

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Key features

  1. Bright and large LED display
  2. Automatic sound sensor to turn on the backlight
  3. Display humidity with temperature
  4. Smart projector function

The HNESS digital alarm clock is intended for fast asleep people because the digital alarm clock is louder than other clocks on the list to wake you up instantly. The watch has a large display that you can turn on to view the watch in the dark by clapping to activate the night light system. Also, you can put this alarm clock for students anywhere because it has a small and compact design that fits perfectly into your bedroom’s table.

 The clock has a 10-minute delay window which then repeats the alarm to wake you up at the set time. This watch also allows you to view the weather forecast, temperature, humidity, and date directly on the LED screen. Even if you use the watch’s alarm function every day, it will not get discharged, and you can use the watch for at least a year before the battery needs to be replaced. It is also the perfect digital table clock for students as it has smart functions and an alarm sound enough to wake up heavy sleepers.


  1. Multifunctional alarm clock
  2. Loud alarm voice
  3. Easy to see time in the dark through automatic projector feature


  1. Setup is a little tricky
  2. Can’t set multiple alarms

LUMIFORD 3-in-1 Digital Clock Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Speaker with built-in Alexa

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Key features

  1. Built-in Amazon Alexa voice feature
  2. Wireless Bluetooth speaker, FM radio, and AUX connectivity
  3. Long playtime
  4. Play songs through any device or SD card.
  5. Built-in mic and can pickup call automatically

Whether you want a digital alarm clock with Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio, and AUX connectivity, in that case, this product is perfect for you. It has a simple design that looks great in your living room or bedroom. The clock has a HI-FI stereo Bluetooth speaker that you can pair with a mobile laptop or other devices with a built-in Bluetooth connection to share sounds and play your favorite songs on that device. It also supports a built-in radio to listen to the latest song without using the internet or connecting from a device.

 With the 10-watt stereo output of this alarm clock, you can get 20 hours of playback time while listening to music with your friends, members, or colleagues. Also, the sound quality of this audio output is better, and you can get a clear sound with the HD stereo speakers with a one-year guarantee from the manufacturer.


  1. Long battery life
  2. Great sound quality
  3. Multifunctional digital clock
  4. It charges in a short time


It doesn’t have a proper method to check battery status

Factors to Consider: Buying Guide

Before choosing any digital clock there are some factors that you need to consider. That’s why this buying guide has detailed instructions to help you find the perfect clock that fits your needs.

– Sound

Most people forget to check the sound of the watch, which is an essential factor that everyone should look into before buying any digital clock.  An excellent-sounding clock can help you wake up quickly in the morning without making you mad at its sound that could even ruin your mood.

It would be best if you looked for a Digital clock equipped with sounds like drums, strings, running water, and other background melodies to help you wake up gradually without disturbing your natural sleep by increasing the music little by little to its maximum.

– Power 

Most digital clocks in this price range offer a dual power option for the user to connect the clock directly to a power outlet or use it solely on a battery. Suppose your clock only comes with a battery power slot. In that case, you should check the duration after which the battery is fully drained to find out the time that you have to replace the battery. Also, don’t buy a clock that uses too much energy to save some expense in the long run by paying less cost for electricity at the end of the month.

– Display

The display is the most important component of a digital clock because it lets you see all the information like time, temperature, date, or day on the device. It is recommended that you buy an LED display as it saves energy and lets you see things more clearly. However, digital clocks with a LED display costs more, and if you have to save some money on the side, then an LCD will work just fine.

Also, look for a night mode display to see the time clearly in a dark room, since some people like to wake up in the middle of the night to grab a drink or go to the toilet. In that time, your night mode will help you see the clock correctly, and you won’t have to switch on the lights to see the time.

– Durability 

Most people use alarm clocks for several years, which is why it’s essential to buy a device that is durable enough to not break down in the first few months. The material of the clock determines whether it is durable or not. Therefore, you should not buy a weak clock that breaks easily after being dropped once on the floor. Regular digital clocks are made from materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and fiber in the market. You can choose the clock that suits your needs without sacrificing strength by going for materials like wood or metal.

– Price

Spending a lot of money on digital clocks is not recommended as you will only be using them to see the time. Therefore, it is enough to buy a clock between 1000 and 3000 rupees. Within this price range, you can get the latest features and designs in the clock to put beside the bedside to wake you up. You need to focus more on buying a clock from a brand because they will give you a better deal with a guarantee so that you can return the digital watch if it starts malfunctioning.

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