12 Most common tools used for gardening and its use

Around 1200 years ago our ancestors began gardening and to the date, gardening has been a hobby and even the profession of many people. So why not make gardening more accessible with some tools to improve your overall experience.

Some say that gardening also helps to boost your self-confidence and responsibility manners. The whole process, planting and growing are the same as creating our lives. This article will help you figure out which tools must have to help you in gardening, no matter what task it is. Whether you are planting seeds or cleaning the garden or trimming, these tools are there to help you. Here we have picked out the 12 most common tools used for gardening that makes your task a lot easier.

12 common gardening tools


Whether you’re a professional gardener or do gardening as a hobby, gardening gloves are one of the essential tools you should have. Many people want to have the feel of warm soil, but that can lead you to infections due to different bacterias present in the soil and that causing blistering or scraped skin. Gardening gloves prevent further infection from any cuts and injuries. It will not only protect your hands from disease and against insect bites and stings, but it is also a safety measure you should look up to while gardening.


Gardening pruners are a type of scissors. The gardening pruner is useful in cutting rigid branches and stems. The cutting action saves the plant from further weathering due to its robust and thick grip and sharp blades. It comes in variable sizes and different colours. 


The trowel is seriously considered a boon for gardeners. This tool has a pointed, scooped shaped blade fixed on a wooden or plastic handle. It is useful in digging holes, planting seeds, weeding, transplanting seedlings and mixing fertilizers.

Watering Pot Spray

Pot spray can be used to mist plants. It is also helpful in spraying water over plants to mist them, weed killers, or various liquids and fertilizers. Misting is a solution to the risk of overwatering the plants. With its help, you can provide the right healthy amount of water to the growing plants.

Soil Testers

We all know, fertile soil raises healthy crops, and when gardening, we all want to grow healthy and good looking plants. But for that to happen, you need to provide the essential nutrients to your plants. The soil testers determine the pH level and nutrient content of the soil. Hence this gardening tool helps you figure out the right amount of fertilizer you will have to provide your soil.


A weeder helps the gardener loosen the soil in potted plants, allowing plants to breathe. There were times when the only way to pick weeds in the garden was to poke soil with a sharp stick, but when we think about using a weeder for this, it makes the work a lot easier. The weeder also helps you scrape outgrowing weeds in crevices.

Grass Shears

This gardening tool will keep your garden neat and clean as it helps you to cut down grass. There are two types of grass shears available in the market, one of which comes with a horizontal blade and can be used to cut grass flat from the surface. The other one comes with vertical blades and helps trim the lawn edges.

Hand Cultivator

It helps in stirring and crushing the soil for various tasks while gardening. It has a firm grip that helps handle the tool and works if you want to remove weeds and provide proper ventilation to the soil after the plants have started to grow. You can use the hand cultivator to dig the planting rows. 


When you say garden, there will be dead leaves, dried grasses, and such sort of bits that could take away your garden’s pleasant look. Rakes can help you clean the dirt and maintain the garden areas. Now some rakes are available even with adjustable head mechanisms which can be great to handle manually. 

Gardening Scissors

Gardening scissors comes to great help in cutting flowers or deadhead parts of stem or branch and for snipping herbs. It is of good use in cutting seeds or fertilizing packets. Scissors can be of great use while gardening.

Hole Digger

Hole digger is a tool to dig holes in the ground, generally from a few inches to about a foot. Digging holes for planting seeds or plants itself can be a quite strenuous task. But hole diggers save you a lot of energy by doing the challenging work for you.


Khurpi is a tool with a flat blade and short handle used for digging soil, weeding. It comes in various sizes, but you’ll need a small size to carry handy around in the garden. It is used for removing weeds and unwanted plants or crops. It is also used for breaking the surface of the soil, munching and aerating it. 

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